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If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.Please be specific, if you need a quote on Stump Carving please read adjacent paragraph "On Site Stump Carving" on HOME page
About Us 

Thank you for your interest in our website and it's services , people often ask how it is that I started chainsaw carving , the fact is it has been a long winding road , I actually started out as a machinist , training in High School , and working in a machine shop immediately after I graduated.   I then had the opportunity to work for one of the Big 3 automakers which I graciously accepted (more money) , after almost a year on the assembly line and several months of being laid off , I managed to get on an apprenticeship as a diemaker.

Here I learned to sculpt , we worked with hardened steel , using grinders and hone stones ,we shaped this hardened steel into perfect form (within .001 of an inch) . I worked at this for almost a dozen years , until another opportunity arose , with the constant threat of layoff looming over my head and promises of a forced relocation ( I had already been relocated once) , A chance to own and operate a tree company presented itself , owning my own business had been a longstanding dream and I pursued it , I successfully ran the business Trees "R" Us for almost 6 years , here I learned to run a chainsaw and the characteristics of  wood. (strength , grain , how it cuts,. etc. )

With the ever growing problem of recruiting and keeping quality ,  reliable help , another opportunity presented itself , Yes it was chainsaw carving , I had numerous chainsaws , an endless supply of wood , and the most appealing part was I didn't need to hire help. So with nothing more than chainsaws , 3 big piles of wood and a 15 minute video tape, ( not to mention over 15 years of cumulative experience) Michigan's newest chainsaw carver was born.

I started in the spring of 2003 and have been going strong ever since , my work has and continues to grow in quality and speed , I have traveled to several states to competitions and events , actually getting a third place trophy at one against people who have been chainsaw carving for 20 years or more , my dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in all of my work and there is not a subject I cannot duplicate.

Again I Thank You for your interest , I look forward to hearing from you about any custom work you might have or if you would like to hire me for entertainment at your Fair , festival or event. I do travel for carving of still rooted tree stumps , we call it stump carving . Please contact me for a quote.

Again Thank You for your visit , please feel free to sign my guest book , hope to see you soon. Sincerely Jim Barnes ,  Michigan chainsaw carver


CHAINSAWS ALIVE!!!!!! Have saw will travel, Have wood will sculpt!!

Chainsaws Alive!!!!! Have Saws Will Travel

Williamston Mi. 48895 

Phone: 517-749-1462

Chainsaw Carving , Chainsaw Carver providing entertainment for Fairs , Festivals , Events , Grand Openings , Competitions , Tree Stump Carving , Demonstrations , Commissions , Michigan , Indiana , Ohio , Pennsylvania , New York , Wisconsin , Illinois , Kentucky , Georgia , Florida

If your tree is going to  die , you think your going to cry ,  your scared it's going to fall , have no worry you don't have to lose it all , Call the CHAINSAW SCULPTOR , Chainsaw Carving your still rooted tree stump .