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fair bears
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Tree Carver ,Tree Stump Carving Michigan
Commissioned chainsaw carvings Michigan
Moose , Chainsaw Carving Michigan
Chainsaw carvings , tree carving Illinois
Moose Chainsaw Carvings , tree stump carving
Pentwater tree stump carving
Chainsaw Carving by Michigan  Chainsaw Carver Jim Barnes
Totems , Totem pole chainsaw carving
Chainsaw carving of bunny rabbit
Chainsaw Carving of Horse Michigan
Wedge Head Michigan Chainsaw Carving
Michigan Chainsaw Carvings
Tawas tree sculpture
specials , chainsaw carver , chainsaw carving , on site stump carving
Bighorn Ram chainsaw carving
Eagle , Heron , Blue Jay , Feathered creations
Fish chainsaw carvings , trout , salmon , dolphin , bass
Wolf  , On Site Tree Stump Carving , Michigan
Spartan chainsaw sculpture
Chainsaw Carvings of Bears
Eagle Chainsaw Carvings from Michigan chainsaw carver
Michigan chainsaw carving about us
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Oil Paintings by Jim Barnes
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Eustis , Fla. tree stump carving
Deep Sea Diver chainsaw sculpture
bench chainsaw carvings from Michigan chainsaw carver Jim Barnes
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If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.Please be specific, if you need a quote on Stump Carving please read adjacent paragraph "On Site Stump Carving" on HOME page
Here we have chainsaw carved bears , some  big chainsawcarved bears , some not so big chainsawcarved bears , chainsaw carved black bears , and chainsaw carved not so black bears.
Some are treated , some are not ,  all are for sale or have been sold , please contact us with questions , comments or concerns.
"click any image for larger image and gallery"
You had better hide
the picnic basket
Bear carved at
the 4H
Da Bear
Catalpa BearBear BunchThis Bear went to
North Carolina
ORDER NOW!!!Barely done and
this one sold
Cedar Bear
Chainsaw Carving
Off to Ontario
Stump Carving
Bear 7ft plus
Bear Stump Carving
side view
3 ft bear , 1 hour
demo$250-300 avg.
2 chainsaw carvings
2 demos , $600 value
Quick carve demo3 chainsaw carvings
3 45-60 minute demos
up to $800 value
7 1/2 ft
chainsaw carving
5-6 hour
Chainsaw Carving
In Oak , On Site
Stump Carving
Side Veiw Oak
Stump Carving
Side Veiw Oak
Stump Chainsaw
White Pine
chainsaw carved
bear 39" Tall
Catalpa Bear
chainsaw carving
Bear chainsaw
3ft chainsaw
carved Bear
Carved for a Local
PBS station
Sold for $391
Here he is finishedAt No Extra ChargeThis bear was a commissioned piece to memorialize a huge Silver Maple tree lost in a storm  
CHAINSAWS ALIVE!!!!!! Have saw will travel, Have wood will sculpt!!

Chainsaws Alive!!!!! Have Saws Will Travel

Williamston Mi. 48895 

Phone: 517-749-1462

Chainsaw Carving , Chainsaw Carver providing entertainment for Fairs , Festivals , Events , Grand Openings , Competitions , Tree Stump Carving , Demonstrations , Commissions , Michigan , Indiana , Ohio , Pennsylvania , New York , Wisconsin , Illinois , Kentucky , Georgia , Florida

If your tree is going to  die , you think your going to cry ,  your scared it's going to fall , have no worry you don't have to lose it all , Call the CHAINSAW SCULPTOR , Chainsaw Carving your still rooted tree stump .